Leadership Results in the GTA

Quick Example Case Studies

Gurley Leadership Solutions is a results-oriented organization with a keen focus on bringing not only better and more effective leadership resulting in better company culture, but helping organizations to grow, lower costs, increase profitability, improve quality, or any other objective that is important to an organization’s success.

Here are some recent success stories for our clients

We helped the VP Of Sales at an automotive parts manufacturing company in Scarborough to get out of his comfort zone, plan more effectively, target new clients, and bring in an additional 2 million dollars in new sales. After another 6 months they had record sales and during Covid era supply chain issues.

We helped executives at a new start-up company to become highly organized, focused, and with the ability to adapt quickly to meet a very aggressive product launch schedule and penetrate their market quickly. Six months after the program, this company has grown at a very rapid pace and were recognized as “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2022 for the Markham Board of Trade.

We helped the owner of a financial planning organization to increase revenues by $5,000 per month and exceed all planning metrics including dramatically increasing client retention. The ROI was more than 15:1.

We helped the executive VP of a large Canadian construction and manufacturing organization to elevate the leadership skills of an up-and-coming leader to be groomed for a new executive role. The outcome was a reinvigorated leader who exceeded all expectations in their annual review. The ROI for the program was more than the 10:1 target.

We helped the owner of a well-respected printing organization in the GTA to elevate the productivity, alignment, and leadership skills of his 4 operations leaders. The efficiency gains resulted in an ROI that was many times over and government funding covered 83% of the leadership development costs.

We helped the president of a well-known printing company in Markham to bring one of his key middle managers to a new and elevated level of productivity. The results include a cost reduction of over $125,000 in production and a highly motivated leader who is taking on new challenges. Government funding covered 50% of the program costs. Based on this success, three more key leaders are going through the same program.

We helped the owner of a small manufacturing company in the GTA to re-energize, motivate, and align his key leaders to exceed growth plans of 10% while increasing profitability by 5%.