Hi, I'm Malcolm Gurley

Here's a bit about me:

Malcolm Gurley - Leadership Trainer

Malcolm Gurley knows that, as an executive or business owner, you want to be sleeping well at night, knowing your desired future is secure.

In order to do that, you need to grow your business to the profitability that comes with your key leaders stepping up to the plate, and succession plans and/or new investors well in place.

The problem is, those key leaders in your organization may be unproductive, unengaged or misaligned with your vision for the business – with poor leadership impacting company culture – likely posing a ‘flight risk’.  Not to mention the curveballs of market and workforce change in the era of Covid-19 and the aftermath.

This is making you feel uneasy, or out of control, and certainly overwhelmed.

Malcolm Gurley believes your business doesn’t have to be stuck at a middling performance level – you and your hard work in building it deserve far better.

Malcolm, over the decades, has worked with many business owners/executives who have expressed similar challenges with the leaders in their organizations. Which is why he has combined his extensive experience in leadership roles in Fortune 100 companies with LMI (Leadership Management International) Canada’s methodologies – to drive company objectives and measurable success by bringing their leaders’ professional and personal goals into alignment.

LMI Canada prides itself on achieving a 10:1 or higher ROI, and, with government funding available specific to LMI’s facilitation, ROI can go up to 50:1!

Here’s How We Do It:

  1. Gurley Leadership Solutions conducts a full company performance evaluation, combined with individual leadership profiles;
  2. Malcolm then facilitates LMI’s proven programs, tailored to your specific leader development needs;
  3. You see leaders’ behavioral changes then drive measurable results.

So, schedule an introductory 15-minute call, followed by a one-hour, no-cost, no-obligation discovery session with Malcolm right away.

In the meantime, download Malcolm’s Guide to the Canada/ Provincial Jobs Grant Program, and find out how you could get up to 83% of LMI Canada program costs covered.  

You can stop feeling trapped by the delay in viable succession planning, as well as the potential hiring/ onboarding costs posed by the threat of key leader resignations, and start looking forward to peace of mind in having stronger leadership aligned with organizational goals and challenges, key leaders re-engaged and retained, and succession/retirement strategies or investor attraction created.

A Bit About Me.

As much as I’m a professional by nature, I’m not without having many personal interests. My major hobbies include music (a huge Led Zeppelin fan), sports, cooking, traveling, enjoying the great outdoors, and spending time with family!

Reflecting back on my love of music and having attended so many live concerts over the years, here are some of the performances that stand out to me: Lynyrd Skynyrd at MLG, Styx at Massey Hall, Harry Chapin with guest appearance by Gordon Lightfoot at Massey Hall, Journey and Foreigner in Manchester, Supertramp at MLG, Alice Cooper in Las Vegas, and CCR at MLG (my first concert ever when I was 12 – went with my older sister). Great memories!

Having personal interests are very important to living a happy and balanced life, which is vital to being a successful professional.

Too much work can lead to burnout that will hinder your mind and body from functioning at its very best