Canada-Ontario Job Grants Program (COJG)

Reimbursement for LMI Canada Programs

(January 2023)

Having an extra incentive of receiving government funding for leadership training is a win on both sides. Some of the added value that Malcolm brings to the table is helping to guide you through some of the red tape involved with receiving these grants.

Here is a quick overview of how to obtain reimbursement for LMI Canada Programs through the Canada-Ontario Job Grants Program:

  • LMI Canada programs are permissible for reimbursement when the program is positioned as a facilitated “training program”
  • The company receiving the training pays the full amount for the program upfront, submits an online form for approval, and after submission approval, the reimbursement is sent from the government to the client
  • The maximum amount covered per trainee is $10,000
  • Employers with 100 or more employees can receive a reimbursement of ½ of the training costs (pre-HST amount)
  • Employers with fewer than 100 employees can receive 5/6 (83.3%) reimbursement of the training costs (pre-HST amount)
  • A combined application amount of $25,000 or higher (pre-tax) requires an alternate quote. So the application needs to be less than the $25,000 level to avoid this requirement
  • Applicants must be employees of a company with no ownership position.
  • There is a requirement for 6 months between the end of one COJG approved program completion and another approved program.